14344134_1032598753525544_7071015892231614388_nI have always loved crafts, painting and generally a lot of forms of art. Having a talent for designing I chose to study “Construction Design” which I didn’t follow because fashion had come into my life from early on. At the age of 16 I won the first title in the competition “Look Of The Year”. The legendary John Casablanca, owner of the firm “Elite” in New York and organizer of the contest, had brought it to Greece. So, I started working professionally in one of the best fashion agencies, the “MODELS ONE” by Mary Drakopoulou. The years that followed were truly wonderful, with very important works such as editorials in major journals like “WOMAN”, “Votre Beauté,” Madame figaro “etc., fashion shows with Oscar De La Renta, Anna Molinari and almost all Greeks designers, and later TV. In 2005, I got married and in 2006 I decided to stop working and be focused on my family. My husband and I had a passion: traveling all over the world. So, before the birth of our child, Achilles, in 2009, we had travelled a lot, in many different places. With all these influences, the images and my love for fashion…I wanted to create something personal.  That was the moment when drawing and design got back to my life. I made my first jewelry based on some thoughts of mine and it was initially liked by my friends. With the encouragement and help of my husband – Personart was created, my personal art that reflects many life experiences, from fashion, art, travelling…I encourage you to browse through my collections. Through the images, some pieces of me will be revealed to you (!). Each collection has something different, something unique and Personart can be called multicultural because that expresses me as a person. Apparently, though, my main source of inspiration is Greece, the most beautiful country in the world.